Bonus Track: Overdose ft. Lexico...

• Written by  • Featuring Lexie

I try it if it feels right
This feels nice
I've been down and lost for days
Glad I found you on the way
When the day gets better, the night gets brighter
I always feel this way
Through the hills
I hear you callin', a thousand miles away
[Verse 1]
I know how to overdose on overtones
Got a bad bitch on my left to call my own
But then she had left me now I’m on my own
I think it is about time to overdose
Press play, don’t stop to think, light the spliff then take a hit
Burned up all my papers so I can’t even
Move from my heart to try hard, or from dark nights to stardom
From a dark soul to a light pole in the night flow with no ammooo..
[Verse 2]
I love you, I hate you, I wanna kill you, I wanna date you
I wanna clone you, I wanna find and phone you, I wanna know what that mouth do
I wanna whack fools upside the head with my past moves
Cause I’m past due my bar-stool take a shot then drive my car through
Find you get carded too
So just alcoholic views, razor blade infused blood stained shoes
Meant that literal, when my life turned pivotal
Upside-down cause I’m dumped from the top of the dome
No limit though to how my skin tone invades my poems
That’s a double entendre homes, I’m black in my skin and black in my tone
I’m back in this bitch with no back in my bone
Taking your shit I am not Al Capone
Coping cobra striking coke with my nose
I’m gonna blow I’m bickering with unknowns
System filled up with some figures from Rome
Alcoholic aqueduct I’m hauling from my mouth the bottle fall into my body
And I’m drowning wholey in this green I’m frothing, like a different Dobby
I will die for follies so the pot can call me bandage me like shawty(x2)
Call me nigga
[Lexicon's fire verse]

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