Going thru pain

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Song i Wrote About my friend i haven't talk to in awhile

I've been going thru a lot of pain,
cause I lost an other friend it seems again,
and it's sad how we don't even talk anymore
and we use'd to hang out everyday
Rapping T'ill we get paid
but now we don't even talk anymore
and that hurts yo
and I know that you work yo
But that never Stopped you [B4]
so what's going on yo
I don't even wanna know Never mind yo
through you where my brother
and I wont'ed even Mind if we didn't hang for a week or a month or a year
but a message Would be nice,
from my brother [yeah]
But i seem I lose everyone I meet
and I apologize for being shy and a geek
and It gets lonely at the top cause my homie had to stop
so i sit alone and write by my own.

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