Write My Mind

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Contested by the vets
so I elect to hedge my bets
I dock the flowing with an ebb...
And Mark my holdings with an x
But before i'm roaming on ahead
My heads beset by streams of sweat
And now I'm yearning for a breath
But can't convince my lungs to fetch
what next will I forget
To rap at all, the alphabet?
I damn commit myself to spit
But now my tongue is left bereft
I admit I jumped in quick
But I contend it's bout to click
And though my face is burning red
I'm bout to earn my epithet
Sir Sri
The Thrice great MC
I spit hype to hyphy
Til the mic takes a knee
Understood the machine
So I took to the scene
To relay the unseen
With a hook and a dream
This is confessions of the messenger
I come to best cassette embezzlers
I'm about to hex the effing editors
And spit the mess that will upset and wreck the revellers
I'm doing...
One for the man who is working on the land
Two for the girl who is trying to understand
Three for the free who come back for you and me
Four for the broken who've been burnt but still stay open
And I turn my mind to ocean
And try to set this all a floating
And I set my hands in motion
Cause i know it takes more than just the notion
I'm dancing in the starlight, working in the sun
Ancy in the spotlight but I'm trying to get this done
Making for the far side, aching to become
Something that the dark nights cannot overcome
I'm wiling out up in these mountains
I rep my spot here in the corner
I play the track while candle light burns
And try to write my minds disorder
I'm doing one...
For the dozed who don't know what they don't know
Two for the young who stand up for what's opposed
Three for the hive who alights to keep it live
Four for the friends who can see it in my eyes
And I'm turning out just fine
But I can't stop now
I got to get it while there's time
And even though it will not hold
I'm gonna write my mind
Every time it comes unrolled
And even still there's more to go
I got to stock my bars
With all the fractals in my soul
And even if It does not flow
I'm gonna write my mind
And let the music bring it home
Sir Sri
That critical theorist OG
These chronic phonics in my sonnets
Spawn and blossom out my chi
Off the top or on my knees
From the drop or as I please
I pop the top stop drop lock rock
And roll ad hoc to the nth degree
I'm doing...
One for the fire emanating from my choir
Two for the neurons that their chorus has rewired
Three for the insight that has newly been acquired
And on the fourth I will exhort you to transport me somewhere higher
Five for the skies where we now elevate our eyes
Six for the prize that we dare not to imply
Seven for this heaven if such words could even suffice
But we ate them all cause silence is infinity's reply

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