Cypher by MC Kevin

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Pound Cake Beat
They say the first line of a songs the most important.
Its like the grabber in an essay except this ones recorded.
My flows imported.
From the illest mind of a 16 year old my rhymes come stormin.
These lyrics never dormant.
To other niggas winning this is just a hundred dollars to they pocket.
To me its the sign I been waiting from god, finally got it.
When pickin a winner its from the heart I hope that's true.
Cuz this rap shit to me is the only thing I could do.
I wanna be able to prove these kids wrong.
I wanna tell em that they could make it just writing songs.
And not wait for the opportunity just come along.
You just gotta pick up the pad and put down the bong.
My friends don't get this ain't just music to me.
I'm like a rap addict and my drug I'm abusing it b.
And when I'm on it I feel like my mind just looses it see.
Words combined in perfect synergy's so amusing to me.
And if I win this thing I'm not buying worthlest shit i could own.
I'm using those dollars to buy a decent microphone.
So that my words that I'm saying are not distorted.
And those feelings that I portray are not disformin.
Quality of a mic is called production value.
I call it obstacles people put front of you conceal what you can do.
Not just saying my bars so fire I can light a candle
They also say to practice your craft but my craft my life.
So I guess to practice my craft means just to be alive.
In that case I'll do whatever it takes me to survive.
Just listen and vibe.
All these other niggas spend their summer at the beach.
I be on the rap lab reciting what I preach.
I rap from my heart I don't follow no manual.
Cuz at the end lyrics, delivery defeat production value
I see my competition but don't care who here the longest .
I care bout who here the shortest but got niggas to notice.
The Recipe Beat
I couldn't do one beat, man I had to switch it up.
When you get Ill flows like mine one instrumental ain't enough.
That's wassup.
All these bitches in the club.
Roll a doobie from a dub.
Not a thug but pa pa pa if you come up.
I like to play with words.
A gift and yet a curse.
Spit it from the dome cuz when you got real skill you don't rehearse.
And that's the words of Kevin.
My rhymes so godly even my name has to rhyme with heaven.
Intertwined with the illest heart alive and you get the product of mc Kevin you won't survive.
That ain't a lie.
A beast inside unleashed and then it feasts on any rapper that assists.
Launch them to a dark abyss.
When it comes to me and rap my nigga never hit or miss.
Nigga I just diss.
Anyone who claim they better than Kevin at this.
A chorus nah my boy ain't no time for this.
Anyways when you got real flow its hard to notice.
I was meant for this.
My heart was fuckin roarin.
Didn't know what until I touched the pad and made history.
My gift was harder to find than finding dory.
Its 4 am at night. Outside there ain't no light.
But rap don't know no sleep.
So when your mind just starts to shine you cannot fight you gotta write
and every line just filled with flame,
entertain everyone that reads yo shit will be amazed.
For days, no space, to daze, just race, your pencil thru the paper fuck them haters
when you make it big just say I'll see you later
your getting paper so it was all worth it.
But I will never stop my mind be workin. And that is okay.
If you think I deserve it, props this song please, thanks guys mad love.

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