Deep Water Freeverse

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Yo who tryna match with the penmanship
show me another rapper thats better with the rhetoric
nobody, think they tried to get ahead again
i tried to warn em now a head is all i left them with
jury to the judge what i'm giving them is sentences
life or the death penalty they were best meddling
with somebody who wasnt best in their league
so they ended up missing like an old English settlement
9 times out of 10 boy you'll often find
other rappers that you know have the softest rhymes
not me, so sick im getting worse off the medicine
they catching it cuz I got them coughing lines
under the flow like sediment get the picture
ima go and put it in motion like Edison
on the border between being crazy or a Mexican
the way that I let the pen cross the line
I murk these beats effortless
Word supreme specialist
Heard of me, yes you did
Cuz I'm burning these messages
On CD's that you burn for a living
Boy I burn CD's with every verse that I'm spitting
The work has been given you ain't ever hurting me
[Call me Hercules man I really really hate a fake]
[I ain't even worried I been out here catching snakes]
Since my first day of living
Oh god
who tryna hang with the bars dont let me get started
im chilling on the building next to the red carpet
with a rifle in my hand always told to dream big
so I aim for the stars everybody gets lead
like i'm standing in the front of a line
the pen game man its one of a kind
ya man straight when it comes to these rhymes
stressed cuz they cant take what im putting inside
the content, cuz its something they lacking
hear a lot of talking not seeing ya passion
yall Brock Turner, not rapist what im tryna say is
ya sentence isnt matching ya action
... The flow im spitting is malevolent
living life like a veteran
kill it when I start stepping in
didnt you get the message kid
I dont carry guns but they step in
my element and I'ma have to Barium
LM we too cold with it
and we really getting tired of the faux spittting
everybody hype tryna claim the wildlife
then they wanna be surprised when the doe missing
im saying, I flame drop when i'm raising the bar
boy you couldnt take shots if you were raised in a bar
go a few rounds with the kingpin
dont touch the kings pen every dope line brings the fiends in
the games black jack you win or you bust
until yo competition missing then you living it up
tryna rap is like playing roulette
you gotta make a bet and then you take some chances
and you give it to luck, so start giving it up
got a team full of spitters you aint sitting with us
go ahead and take a stab at it but its kinda like the crane game
you play at arcades cuz you never really had a chance at it

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