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panda remix getting me tight,but is relevant am here to win the fight,
niggas can try and surpass me they skills looking dim i got the flashlight
they ain't a pick up game this a pick up stains, making the spotlight dirty
bars coming down here to make it rain, wanna bite but the shit is a slurpy
kill yah niggas a tin man, i ain't got no heart, committing sins man
rock you hard to the fucking stars do it dirty like a sick band, u a sick fan
bearly made it like a sixth man, turning blue u a crip man after i choked you down, am sick man lol
the shit i write is like crack, is why had to write down this rap
difference is this shit not white ,holding this kids up like i was a sack
shocked and still, looking like a manikin, can't get like me all you right is shenanigans
crossing the border like coming from mexico , super mario said it best "let's a go"
gods are cooking up the plain in stew , recruiting me in my as is oregano.
crazy like a crackhead, am in control so i am not trever tho,
getting by the shit is a eazy pass me myself and i the shit is a easy math
everybody flop , i'll make it to the top straight out the block, man, this shit it'll be easy cash

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