"Lets Get It" - ft Whisper

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let's get em, let's get it (x4)
(Verse 1 - ChizFinest23)
they told me lets get em so I had to jump on the beat and just kill it
and right now I'm feeling like I am invinsible there ain't no thing that can kill me
superman up in this bitch lookin like I'm Soulja Boy
bouta take of with yo chick, but sometimes she be so annoying
but right now it ain't about her, shit my nigga its about me
gotta let y'all know, I be like pablo, gettin that work get that money
gotta stay strapped like a baby seat, and when I attack it's a crazy scene
got a squad full of predators ready to get at y'all pussy ass niggas y'all baby sheep
boy I be stuntin stuntin, gotta get it, if I'm tryna win it
gotta get that money, gotta get that mullah, call it what you wanna, but I'm gonna spend it
gon be lookin fly, gon be lookin right, and my jewelry bright, like the sun is in it
yea that Gucci nice and that Louie tight, if her booty right then I'll add some Fendi
let's get em, let's get it (x4)
(Verse 2 - Whisper)
let's get em let's get it the loud packs we get em bad bitches we hit em
because she was easy we hit it and quit it never catch no feelings
I'm so high right now everyday touch the sky book a trip to Dubai
dont fuck with the fam cuz if you do you know we are all gonna ride
chillin with my fellas, and you know they felons, but also go gettas, we packin Berettas,
fuckin Cinderellas that come from favelas, they don't rock bandanas, stay fly for the cameras,
goofies gettin jealous, we dont pop no Xanax, just rolling big papers im chasin the vegas
I need me more cheddar I need me more cheddar, I need me a mansion and a Panamera
just call me Liberace, I fuck with the keys
Chanel, vintage Versace, one thousand for the sneaks
I'm getting sloppy toppy, your girlfriend's on her knees
just stuntin thats my hobby, all this money is for me
let's get em, let's get it (x4)
(Verse 3 - both)
turnin up and wildin, got these people excited,
feelin like its Mardi Gra, cuz we party hard bitch nightly
yea we drinkin shots, sippin on Ciroc, got the blunts rolled up, let's light it
bouta get so high bitch, that NASA cannot find me
Let's get high, lets roll up a blunt, we get it we spend it however we want
o shit i forgot I didnt bring any fucks, the weekend is here so we getting fucked up
yea we dont give no fucks about nuthin, all we do is stay high like a mountain
yea that green herb is all that we puffin, and we pouring them shots like a fountain
pourin shots yea we look like a fountain, all this money we getting we counting
I might just go get me an accountant, always strapped never lack always stylin
yea we stylin, we wildin, you know that we lighting them blunts of that kush and this money we pilin
let's get em let's get it won't stop til I got it, gon keep stackin bands til I own my own island

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