chase walker - contradictions

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i open minds at open mics / actin' funny, that's wanda sykes
i'll bust a wheelie out on a trike / disgusting lumpy, that's fuckin right
fuck pushin' buttons, i'm crushing beef / that's fuckin' mutton, you feel that heat?
you in my kitchen, my wrist is itchin / so quit ya bitchin, you fuckin queef
don't fuck with me, i'm the fuckin chief / say fuck too much, cause i'm fuckin me
just like your girl, i'll fuck the world / say fuck referrals, i'm the referee
this rappin really ain't shit to me / why y'all gotta think so critically
your bitch be giving brain that's critically acclaimed / in the fast lane: road head literally (ayo)
chase walker that's a contradiction / blue blooded that's a contradiction
chase walker got a cunt addiction / gotta come to terms with what's fact and fiction
for the wack MCs that lack attention / tracks for my niggas rapping in detention
in the backdoor, bitches in the RAV 4 / i be in the trap more often than a chance suspension
chase walker, shit talker, fire starter/ i’ll spay a bitch like bob barker
niggas slang that shit like peter parker / i’m permanent, don’t need a marker
i’m atop the game, i’m doing my thing / ice cold, lemonade, i might need a parka
like a young jermaine but a shade darker / kick back, liu kang, just slayed baraka
i don’t need no bitch, i’m made of honor / ...kanye west would be a great obama
end of the day gotta thank my momma / cause she tucked a nigga in in his plaid pajamas
fuckin with a nigga might cause some trauma / ima drop a drama bomb and drink an arnold palmer
trapzoid on the beat straight coming with the heat / the cypher’s complete, time to stack some motherfucking commas...nigga

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