Ready to Fly

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I’d say ya’ll know what it is
But you don’t know this brand new kid
Write a rhyme with the flick of the wrist
I picked my goal and I will not miss
Swish, when I take a shot
This, is why I’m hot
No MIMS, I don’t got rims
I don’t rock timbs and I’m going out on a limb
Yeah, I second guess
The pain of regret will never cease
I gotta get better with every release
It’s never or now and I live by the beat
Had heat you never knew this
Show off any time I do this
Don’t you forget it
I need credit my like a college student
Don’t call me stupid,
Don’t call me foolishness
But but before you get to ruling
Can please tell me what the fuck you doing?
Drop your gavel and grab your raffle
Only God can stop me like I’m a building tower in Babel
Now I might, have fell off, but I’m getting back on that saddle
Cause you never know when your gonna so with every flow I travel
I put words together like scrabble so I can make my point
When I spit the verse is lit just like the tip of my joint there you go
I won’t tell a lie otherwise I’m these other guys
Keep my eyes on the prize and I’m ready fly (x2)
Whatever is given will come with catch
We look at the odds and know that they’re stacked
But life is a one-way there’s no going back
So grab the matches and gasoline cause I’m burning all the old bridges
What’s to gain if you in the game and then sold your soul for those riches
Rap became more about the fame and you rocking chains in those pictures
Ya’ll put money over those bitches need to put music over your business
I don’t rap for the clubs so they don’t show me any love
These rappers should be sipping O’Doul's cause they don’t deserve any buzz
No Cameras,
No broads up in Atlanta
Got a new name with the same look,
Ya’ll just bunch a Zoolanders
This game, is boring
Is everybody still snoring?
Is Seattle rain still pouring?
Do ya’ll still rock Ralph Lauren?
And talk about whipping foreigns?
Are the warriors still scoring?
All I got is a yes so wake up before nothings left of the game
I won’t tell a lie otherwise I’m these other guys
Keep my eyes on the prize and I’m ready fly (x2)

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