be water my friends prod by trap...

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Old lyrics: (new comin)
same flow-
same white novice
Don't be stupid boys, stop music
white noise, acid citric voices
style boring, Mc's with kyle's mummy
your father didn't want to cum in
antic flow you're all offbeat
and this round I'll bear down on him
The nose full of cocaine that's clinical
kil'em with a precision, surgical
I found your instrumental pretty gross
you rappin, you? let me laugh
you're a clown trying to imitate Em
like all white boys, pointless clone
hoes ain't loyal it's known
parents in clericals
while their son smokes cones
I kick hard shout out uriah all
really? an 808 kick from lex luthor
deal more, bro but you forgot
that thos to whom you're selling pounds
can be your neighboor
You'll be unable soon, to think about (it)
Killers just need to receive a call
to put you in vault, quick
leavin a wandering soul, shit
just download a drumkit from just blaze
for my upcomin beats, who will came
New to this game
don't forget where I came
I'ma light the flame of fame
french suburbs ai'nt chilling, man
we just want some shillings
like columbo, reflect eating chilli
love you but no feelings
i just wanted to tease' em
because they can't rap in rythm
They dance on the song
thinking it's fun, i'ts pleasent
a gun to shot these fuckers, my christmas present
She said: Oh my god it's UMG
Baby that's between you and me,
and anyway
ain't universal who present
I whoop 'em, represent
if you talk shit, I'll be in prison
Iookin' at you from above like lebron
and if you use my rhymmes, moron you are
utilise words from slang, natural
when I fight that's brutal, animal instinct
instant focus, 9 cases, funeral
There were Few in a row
an error occured, not sure but
then flew an arrow
the narrow brains suddenly blows
I'm george kung in blow
so this game isn't a nintendo
was it cool to play, now you compete with the final boss
She jump on tubes, like in mario bros
dark instrumental with minor chords
Like in family ties from ricky boss
old school vibes with samples from vinyl blogs,
vinyl frontier, hip hop is heard, don't know exactly
have to stop to write lines, had to cool my lead,
you're on the front here but not for long time, for real
on the front seat of a car going straight to the wall
but you'll have to face me now,
it's crazy how
they have no talent
and think that's mine who's latent
friends can change, so early tho
trap becomes trendy so, trapezoid did this dope
with a creativity infinite, since three years old
the Game would find that lit, I am right no?
first Iphone at sixteen bitch, could'nt afford it before
fuck nerds I'm an athlete, I sprint more than usain bolt
exitium/gingerslim fuck this beef of fucking down's
quick extract from motown, oh damn!
they're so down, they're so dumb
these four scums from england, from london,
Next rap king in your profile, let me laugh
I admit you try but exercise a lil bit more
What the fuck is your flow!
What the fuck is your flow!
You rap like kreayshawn,
so please lord don't talk
I'll use a metaphor to end this
you think you rap battle
but in the rap river you rap paddle

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