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Straight Devil
Chorus X2 -
I spent years to get to this level
Put in work I dug deep my flow my shovel
You don’t want to see it when my mind state goes straight devil
That hole that I dug’s gonna bury you deep down
Verse -
If they don’t give respect then i’ll take it
Been hot for years so just face it
Some of y’all were babies I was rapping in a grungy basement
Flippen in a dirty attic
When rapping was dirty habit
Everybody and their mother didn’t have a mic and a Macbook
I was perfecting my flow spitting phat hooks
But I moved on from the tough shit
Starting making songs with a message
But every time I hear a young cat
Coming up talking big shit with no stats i’m disrespected
Gotta earn that clout
While i’m standing here stout
Beat playing in the background waiting on a boy to open his mouth
I been spitting hot sixteens since y’all couldn’t count to it
Can’t take that away I’m bound to it
One of the best when it all comes down to it
I earned it cuz I learned it
And I practiced it and I mastered it
Learned how to cause disaster with
My tongue and words so I have to spit
I’m obligated and agravated
But no matter what I gotta stay elevated
Y’all can hate it but I won’t be faded
In a game thats over saturated
This position is fitted it will not be occupied by any other but me
I don’t need money i’ll be dropping it free
That’s just what I do just so all y’all can see
Dangerous unpredictable always beast
When I want to accomplish feats
I won’t stop and I won’t retreat
My minds set and I move to action
Relentless till I make it happen
When I gain a little bit of traction
Dominos chain reaction
Chorus X2
Verse -
What more can I say I been clear
When it comes to this rap there’s no fear
I exude confidence
Attitude that can bruise common men
And this ain’t no alter ego
It really is me though
With the ability to step in the game
Take the foul and shoot clutch free throws
Kyrie Kyrie looking at any motherfucker in front of me like I see
That y’all bout to get crossed up tossed up
When I come into the lane straight driving
Fuck y’all got me bragging to much
I need to sit back with a dutch
Relax and get back to my story cuz y’all got me backwards as fuck
Can we wrap it up
Wasting to much energy on this dumb shit
Can we just make some music to benefit the young kids
Fuck y’all punk kids
Swag is gay y’all are gay
Your pants are tight fold your bill
Make some music we can feel
Your ego is to big for real
You’re abusing this magic you’re misusing the classics
Trying to make a name starting static
When you’re not anything but average
Taking the same route as the last guy and that’s why
I will rise above because I’m original and I can fly
I swear this is the last song that I’m talking shit
I’m sick of it and I know it’ll get you nowhere quick
Bragging and shit talking and pulling out your dick
There’s always somebody better that could end you slick
You can use your voice to move mountains
You can use your words to find the fountain
You can stimulate the minds of people
Just be smart don’t run head first into something lethal
Chorus X4

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