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Verse 1:
Paranoia present
Anxiety attacks, those are paranoia's presents
Tangible, I can feel paranoia's presence
Mind fucked, like I can't enjoy the present
Jailed in hell, they hand ya boy the sentence
This is my residence till my sentence has finished
Till I complete my thought, I owe a lot to the art
Caught me like a spark as enlightenment starts
This is that parking lot and hotel flow
Shout out to Silent Knight, I'm grinding like I wanna hold ten more
Stacks, it's apparent that this rapping's been my parent
Raised by it since I heard that line about Clarence
I'm tryna go farther than its even been
You heard I got the Elements, it's time you better let me in
Before my paranoia calls for action
And your parents start falling in front the pastor
This paranoias taking over me
(When I'm gone, don't worry where I go)
Help me break free of it's hold on me
(When I'm gone, don't worry where I go)
Verse 2:
Shackled and trapped, my back will start breaking if I don't
Dash and attack, get outta the basement that I've been
Locked up in, a sock puppet
Moving how it wants me to, gotta fulfill my function
Or at least that's the moments feeling
Can't get time back, that moment is fleeting
I've been working just to get outta this prison
Pain's prism, no windows, just widows, insane feelings
I just wonder when the plain is shifting
Or wondering if I've got a sane vision
I wonder about the apple that I've bit in
Forbidden fruit, sorry God, I had to give in
Life moving fast, jump into the next gear
While my cries for help are falling on deaf ears
Shit, I'm getting locked up again
When I'm gone, my sorrows stay forever etched in with my pen
Hook x2

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