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My team, Our team
My team, Our team
My Dreams, Our Dreams
My Dreams, Our Dreams
We stay running it, we ain’t gotta cheat
We gettin known, while we makin feats
All my songs are fire, so they gotta leak
Giving up on this game, no that ain’t me
My Dreams , Our Dreams
Making sure that we stay clean
We forgot bout you no we aint yet
You mad when you find out we runnin the set.
I’m so glad that we weren’t infested
Cuz I man I just feel so so blessed and
Man we killing it,
Treat you like roadkill
Like we killing it
Flow like a whistling bird,
Man we killing it,
Didn’t expect but we killing it,
You feel like the air now we bending it
Soon as you find out we got racks, we start spending it
When my homies need some help, I start lending and
We ain’t even done yet no, no, no
We ain’t even gettin started no, no, no
I can’t believe you thought we’d give it up
I heard you getting the girls now that’s whats up
And when you find out we the ones that made it up
You going be the one saying “That’s what’s up”
If you want to go, than we can go
If you want to roll, than we can roll,
If you want to boast, than we can boast
But it ain’t no stopping me, cuz I’m in the mode
I said I’m in the mode
Line after line,
Time after time
I’m spending these dimes after dimes
I feel like you faking, myme after myme
Try to reach the mountain, climb after climb
Writing these raps, rhyme after rhyme
We try try tryin it, we tryin it
(Chorus 2x)

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