Canines (Prod. by Trapezoid)

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Two canines I'm ready to bite
Give me the game and I'll shred it tonight
New to the scene don't be treading on me
Cus the truth came and it's ready to fight
Who-to-blame- you should get in the line,
You complain about the pettiest slights
Choose a way- is you left is you right?
Chew the grain- cus the bread isn't nice
White fang is viscous I go for the jugular
I don't even wanna know so I shut him up
Barry Allen I don't slow down I cut em up
Travel pants on the go got the luck in em
Mess with me I'm on my seventieth rep
In the gym now- working triceps again,
Arms strong it's a small step for man
But I never needed my performance enhanced
Cross country I'm crossing my bars,
Setting them high Javier Sotomayor
Add in an X and I mutate encore
I can speak French, I adapt to the war
Never surrender tho burn that white flag
I don't listen to threats got the word in my bag
Even when I- done heard them attacking
I'm packing the word and I read em a passage
Asking the lord if he need me to rap and
He told me boy you need to go be a savage
Told me go forth and to spit it like he did and work,
to make people see more than average
Rub a lamp- see the genie is here
No matter what you can't alleviate fear
Understand you got me wondering why I
put up with you I should be leaving you here
Ain't no way I'm believing you here
Not today not believing you here
God I pray that I'm not greedy for meals
I'm defeating the demons who seeking to near
It's freakin fantastic
Know that you asking
Can I be different
Can I be elastic
Know that I'm active
Look at the action
I disappear and
I tell em it's magic
Beasting we deleting these demons
Bleed til they receding flee please
I reach in we be seeding these trees
Not needing to be cheating we teach
Lead them to defeat and we beat em
He think he the meanest we seen
Beat me never easy like seeing
peace in middle east and we preach
Feasting we the free men we lead
No sheepin he be creeping he leech
I leap into the deep end and speed
Don't need him he deceiving these streets

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