Dope (projek "diss") (Prod. Trap...

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I wanted to edit my other entry but its in a battle so I couldn't. Fuck it
Fuck dope pro, that's dope bro
but whoa hold, renegade me
you got no hope,
you like showboating, that's loco, my vocals
might delegate me the right mogul,
so i'll celebrate cause i'm gonna elevate
and you're a featherweight,
and if I diss you, it might piss you off,
piss on you, bitch, move, I evict you
if I kick, you would die, its true, when I spit dude
the mic lit booths, the rhymes hit you tonight, when you
rewindin through, still I've been doing it, pingu,
that's the last cypher, i'm a mad guy, that's a fact i've
been asked to act nicer, kaz why, they ask, as I
blast by, in a mask, fans crying,
every other second my damn mind might collapse
down to my back and spine
the next second i'm happy, fine.
bipolar, now, i'm older, and i'm colder, and i'm bolder
and i'm shouldering more, oh what's in store?
just know that i'm ordering more,
you were cool on freedahm, but to me umm,
what you need is to be on beat, when you double timing
wonder why you gotta the be only one i'm choking up on my list
hold it don't be violent, i've been overnightin, holding both my eyelids
open only for some coping, for the moment i've been roaming, idle
now i'm quoting bibles, i'm the sole disciple,
projek homes you flow like I do,
but your snot-nosed and don't know the right move
I'm up for it, man grown, born to fight you
no won't fight you, actually like you,
your rapping is nice dude, attacking is like
me just having good time maybe outta my mind true, hope it excite you
homie invite you, don't mean to bite you, don't mean to scare you
only prepare you, for glarious failure. these warnings compare
to the noisiest wailing, ignoring is painful, homie its shameful
show you the way for it
give props where its due lest you pay for it,
projek you be cool, getting hate for it
who coulda known that your crew'd make a name for ya
dude bet you prayed for it
i'm next gonna zoom to the moon
make room better pave for it
all yall wanna do is to lose
sit confused and abused theres a
new better way for it. just wait for me
just wait for me, shot back from the roof
when they came for me, that's
not rap that's truth, in way for me
now why the fuck are you so insane looking,
stay crooked

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