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war peace, love humanity
war it stems from the depths of insanity
reasoning only leads to loss of vanity
then if you agree with it, your condoning tragedy
this immaculate plan from banging heads
ending up as tapestry
the worlds super power clearing the bench
for latest casualties
authorities personally staying clear
wanting no part in this
apart from putting families in danger
after arming kids
peace keepers they don't exist
the world revolves around toking spliffs
honing in on educating kids
leading them through the gateway of madness
to hell and back to shoot up the class
or light a match stick
if they fail end up going bat shit
crazy down to apathetic and damn near wasted
lying on the pavement no trace of pain left
the senses and nerves are layered in numbness
the air he can't taste it the alcohol has chained
him slowly pulling him closer to the darkness
hell's been ruptured peace sign crumbled
the world's in trouble from the power hungered
like a disease it will spread till the earth suffers
from next world war this time no one recovers
down on our knees humanity has stumbled
we've forgot how to feel humbled
took it in the teeth seemingly defenceless
from our own stunt doubles
love thy neighbor quotes buried in the rubble
love humanity is but a lost forgotten thought
in the African jungles
facing up against an a camouflaged monster
of a government puzzle
does it make you start to wonder
what the truth is in this aftermath
or is it already in its past or maybe
it's about to come to pass,
question is who do you ask?
war peace, love humanity x4
we are
stuck in a chain carved from the remains
of carcinogen flames
our dreams are cut by
numbing the part of your brain
that loves to create
indeed it's time to take to take away
this future of degrade
and make our enemies back away
from our loyalty to life's game
our love for hip hop is the way
we can make this change
spread the message to the youth
that is our check mate
coz if we ever want a future generation
unfucked by drugs
making em degenerate slaves and thugs
then let the world decay and bust
and cover it up with lies on top of
hatred and disgust
enough to make them erase, delete
and rewrite us

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