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[Verse 1
So sick with the subtle skills sucker see me spittin biblical never seen nobody more sicker with it
They say I'm a sinister sinner spittin shitty lyrics, killer symphonies you don't stand a chance when I'm sitting pretty
Finger on the trigger bout to hit ceiling its a pity that I'mma have to muhfuckin kill all y'all lil kitties
Comin with your literally itty bitty bullshit you better pedal 'fore I hit you with a muhfuckin millimeter
Illing with an eerie grin my shit if you didn't feel it, I'mma kill you fucker I'm the definition of divinity
Been a gitty with the ability and the bitter nitty gritties of the game been sicker than em lyrically
Hit em with the venom and I'm here to spell [DOOM]
for you diminish your D, and your double O's M showin no peace treaties
Comin with em wicked icky raps while you hold no weight no gram nor ton and I ain't talkin bout no TV series
No, you're not cold as me
You know, you're much slower than me
With those old wack skills you won't match me
When I blow on the mic you won't catch me cuz
[Verse 2]
Never have I been defeated never gon see no-
Other like me crazy muhfuckin sicko
Your full of shit that's a [heavy load] to carry like a [depot]
I'm the [bomb] you might get your [heads blown] like a [C4]
When I'm in the beast mode- better stay away cuz I be rippin the mics and with the pain you might get repowed
Like you didn't pay your exorcist, I ain't halting til I leave you dead in the gutter fucker lost like Nemo
Every words that you fags heard, cuts like a dagger
They better get a medic here do fuck with you rappers
I'm better than a veteran sicker than you fuckers when you settle as a sediment when I jump on the ladders
No matter what you talk about me I keep rising sur-surprising you with the skills
You ain't ready for the reckless devilish venomous muhfucker cuz when I spit I be all up in your grill
[Verse 3]
Finna come and kill disfigure your body
Better get ready for the lyrical karate
You oughta be outta your mind if you thinking you could harm me
Stepping up to me is like dealing with an army
Niggas hatin on me?
I'm lovin the feelin, buckin to kill em with the venom in a puddle of blood I'mma leave em
A truculent duffer making you suffer believe it, poppin the bubbles you live in, a muhfuckin murderer see
You don't wanna fuck with me, don't fuck with me
I settle vendettas in a sec when I bust this heat
Trust this [G], get ready to say [H-I] to the machete when you steppin on the toes I'mma cut your feet
Cuz I'mma do it hardcore- every time I get in the booth, fuck battling I'mma fuck around and start war- thinkin you tough I'mma break you like cardboard- have you running for your life like parkour
Gotta be the best I gotta be one to fuckin kill em when I hit em with he verse
Do whatever you fuckers wanna do all I gotta do is spit it in your face enough to take you to the church
Better stay away when I'm in the zone or you might get your dome split you bitches don't wanna get into any trouble no
Cuz I'mma give it to you if you want it, you got it, die bye bye son and I ain't talkin bout no buffalo
[Verse 4]
My words will cut through you like the butter muthafucker better shut up 'fore I cause ruckus with my fuckin cutters, throw you in a mucky gutter, chuckle as I see you suffer, mutter blue murder I laugh I'm nothing but a fuckin nutter
Plus a muthafuckin duffer, tougher than you not a wonder that you fuckers knuckle under such a pity fuckin sucker
Shudder like a buzzer when I bubble up the trouble I be doubling the pain, take a shovel shove it up your fuckin butthole
Packin a mac, baggin em fast, get up in em back to back, hit em with the venom and I throw em in the back of the lab
Better than a veteran, I'm reckoned to be Satan fucker everlasting while you bitches are fuckin flash in the pan
Kill em with the cynical wicked shit leavin em wondering while I'm murderin a milli syllables choppin em fucker drop you in coffin gotta get up in em with the evidence to prove I'm the best and I'm sure I did so back away man!

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