Cypher Entry, the realist one yo...

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I was going to come onto the beat talking about how all of you suck.
But you all probably got it better than me right now I guess that's just my luck
You guys probably don't give a fuck about the muck I'm trudging through
But what am I going to do
The bullshit around me is all I see so I got to write about it.
Win the cypher, I doubt it cause I'm not talking about getting lit or bent
Like 50 cent but I need to vent
I'm not going to change my persona like I'm Clark Kent
Just to win a hundred dollar bill
Cause I know I'm ill and got skill
So I can talk about how I feel as long as I make it sound good
Fuck rapping about the hood, I grew up in the woods if you didn't know that you should.
I got a ex druggie mother and cheating father, with that combo why should I even bother
Trying to be a father cause I know I'll end up just like my dad.
Wishing I could get things for my kid that I never had to make both of us glad but really it's sad
Cause like me I'm sure they will never graduate, they will be filled with hate,
It is their fate.
Hell, I'm having anxiety just writing this cause the self loathing
Isn't as popular as boasting or talking about coasting
Or roasting a J, if you all know how I can make it in rap please show me the way.
Cause right now I'm just trying to live my life day by day
But it's the same old shit so please release me from this prison and listen to these words
I just want fans to move in like herds and accept me for who I am
And treat me like fam god damn.
Knocking on the door to the rap game, please just let me in
I know I sin but don't we all
To anyone who likes my art please don't let me fall
Let me show you my mind, my heart and soul
And I know if I ever go on tour I'm gonna have to pay a toll
Cause my girl don't want me gone
And she probably gonna be pissed that I mentioned it in a song
But I hope not for long
Cause when the money come in from this game with the fame
I hope she will still think I'm the same and sane
Cause I just want to give her what she deserves.
Want be able to afford the food that the waiter serves.
Want to get her more clothes that show off her curves,
Want to say don't worry baby I got the bills,
I can buy the pills to help your mind that's one of a kind.
Anxiety, depression, bi polar, so I will buy you the controller
and let you live your life like a high roller.
I want better then this, that's it,
I want out of the abyss and piss but I feel hated like my name was Chris.

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