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Hey guys.....
Decided to do a quick song for the cypher
Didn't have time to mix it... hope you enjoy.
Shout out trapezoid productions
It’s the same me
With the same flow
On the same block
With the same goals
Same paper
From the same roll
Same style
With the Same tone
New school
Watch me kill the shit
I flip the switch
And they know iam it
Iam trynna get it
Yeah I said I did
Was Fallen off
Now I feel iam lifted
All in it
All in it
Iam goin in
Gone get the spinach
Money staked
Now They see the vision
Inspector gadget
All in my stuff
Left overs been heatin up
Fuck the phantom
Aint fallen victim
Iam In the lab
I caught the rhythm
Ill show you
How to make money
I went and told em
But they didn’t know
I had it like this
Aint makin moves
But then
They tell you
That they livin righteous
I heard that he a leader
Come follow my tribe today
I Fucked her
Now he heated
He feel some type of way
I am that young boy
Plot and scheming from my android
Got a fullhouse
You Call me
Dejay tannor
Yall 2 pair
Call or fold it in
Them Olsen twins
To much of the same
Will be exposing
All your game
This is a style
We getting money
In this bitch
Get a level
And then you try
To surpass that
Making money
Its something
That will change up
How you act
Yeah Its funny
Cause all these people
Turn they fuckin back
Now they runnin back
Trynna blow a fuckin stack
Hold up what the fuck
Where’d we leave it at
Like where we at
Cross the line
Head get cracked
Naptime time
If you steal my snacks
Have they fam
Nurse em back
You here with me
That’s the way I got it
Step into the ring
You cant get these seconds back
Like golem I went and stole em
Off of frodos back
You in tune
Now immune to the bullshit
Iam putting real rap back up on the map
Snappin back no fitted caps
You’ve been exposed
To the realest shit you ever known
Rappad exclusive

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