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Delivery dat my specialty intricate prenatal surgery
Coming up like other rappers you go to the nursery
Workers be talking about me how you never heard of me
Currency cashing just listen and learn from me
Balling like curry nobody be topping it
Saucing the spice n yo body be blowing up
Showing em how I be glowing up
Open the can then pop another Ativan
Going to heaven I call it the happy land
Overdosing cannot call for the ambulance
Hand me the pad drugs are writing immaculate
I am attacking it loading and grabbing the gat
Put sixty shots into ya back
Sing to ya god and pray sins go forgiven
I'll make you so fictional like Homer Simpson now thanks
For ya cypher submission it helped me decipher the mission
Designer of rhythm I cite your decision and
Thank the homie by the name of Reid
Who got a trophy just keep that a memory
Take in my every clever treasury of remedy
Melody prodigy spitting trichotomy
Lottery gotta be calling me need
A hundred dollars for my shopping spree
I body em fold them up like an accordion
Playing around they be lost in the dorian
Musical subordinate study the flow and
Rhyme I spit while taking a shit you
Might find it the dankest of things
When you here in the room its a blanket of sin
I be taking ya bitch and the rest of ya money
Fuck a dope pro
What the fuck's a dope pro
Fuck a dope pro
What the fuck's a dope pro
He got that .44
He gonna get that .44
Soon as this song is over
Tudor gone be no more
Okay lets end this shit I heard you go some beef
All your flow is off the beat now take the L admit defeat
100 Dollar admission fee learn about my hockey team
We steaming sweaty heat from all the points we put down on the sheet
Bombing y'all like hiroshima
No hero stopping this evil demeanour
This feature is hotter than a hundred degrees
I be packing the heat make em run in the street
Gimme the stage I don't fuck with a mic
Stealing attention to put up a fight
Ginger got nothing and tudor's gon die
All of their project are nothing but hype

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