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Heart Cold and frozen, Vanilla Ice Cream,
when i'm with you, i'm focused on saying the right things,
love something I thought I forgot way back in Elementary,
but with you girl, I think, I might be, shit,
Used to dream of kickin it, shit seemed, so outa reach,
but maybe miracles happen, cause now, i'm in your front seat,
see blood rush to your cheeks when I touch you,
feel butterflies, when you touch me,
if you say this ain't real, than you're lying,
got more than chemistry, don't break it down to science,
when I look at your face, all my thoughts turn silent,
Girl, I needed you to save me call me private Ryan,
but this a little weird I admit it,
reminisce on county fairs,
need tickets for admission,
You and I last summer,
only lasted for a minute,
what makes us think that this,
could be any different.
(But I just want this to work,
relationships for me, always ending in the dirt,
I know i said I wanted nothing serious at first, but,
I just want this to work, cause,
I don't,
I don't know how to,
Said I don't know how to,
I don't know how to love, I,
I don't know how to love.)
See disappointment in your eyes.
I chill with other girls, while you chill with other guys,
Don't get why you tripping, they just bitches on the side,
but these limp dick pricks, you with, need to fuck off,
i'm tired of them,
You mad because I never text you back, but,
you never say anything new, and that's a fact,
you always on your couch or fucking chilling with your cat,
either your living to slow, or I'm, going to fast,
come on, let's do something after class,
gotta tend this fire if we want this love to last,
You say that i'm crazy, and I say you're on to something,
you look at me and crack up, god damn,
I love your laugh, fuck,
I can't keep it contained, I can't control it anymore,
I can't even contemplate, can't seem to focus anymore,
on anything besides how perfectly imperfect that you are,
you say elaborate, but I just don't know where to start.
Remember when I first saw you outside my classroom,
instantly brought back memories of when you,
would say you loved me but I never say it back to you,
but truth is, that I probably still,
maybe i'm just scared that this another one time thing,
you told me I was your summertime fling,
but I ain't effing with that, fuck that,
I want you to be mine,
I wanna be the guy you wanna spend,
all your time, with,
But I'm,
not sure if that's on your mind or not,
does your fam still hate me, should I hide or not,
we need alone time, let's go find a spot,
and just talk, girl, i'm down for whatever, cause,
I just want this to work,
I know I said I wanted nothing serious at first,
relationships for me, always ending in the dirt, but,
I just want this to, work.
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