48 Bars Of Depravity (Prod. by T...

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heavily I medicate me take away the pain
A through Z fade away the hate of facing me
playing in the place of make believe
a mascaraed acting fake
following the voice when Satan speaks
do I really have a choice? maybe do
but I safely choose what makes me bleed
anemic feasting with this beast I meet him
creeping deep in the trees can't see him
demons speaking keep em from believing Jesus eve and
Adam from feast to famine
the demon babbling he babbles on
and keeps the masses asleep in Babylon
towers standing tall like Africans in basketball
passin God giving him a hand shake
wait for it... massive fall
a satanist on satans list like Craig's
they will Facebook it
checking in the flames of hell
what he made for chow
hoping they look at it
the narcissistic part sadistic
artful images with lipstick
pardon me while I barf my breakfast
everybody wants to live large and reckless
snap the selfie take off the necklace
put it back on the shelf we self erect us
selfish wretched men with a bunch of exes
dont respek em
put some respek on my name
or get left for dead when the tech it sprays
get swept in graves and rest in peace when death engraves
the Devils name
on your face in metal chains in several flames
the enemy of all of us is killing everybody
with fleshly ways cuz death it reigns
it burns no pepper spray
the worm it never dissipates
it's lurking in the wicked lake
and fervently it nips away
at the flesh reoccurring dreams of what will
happen next it's surfacing you're worshiping
the beast while you're having sex
temple prostitutes heretic read it follow suit seven deadly attributes
life fulla sin were passing through
a magnitude of maggot food plastic bags and caskets screwed doing what we have to do
living savage animals....
leave the path of old fold the map
travel roads cold and black like acid snow
no holding back the manifold
ways of deprivation catapult the sin the every nation catty corner to grave in slavery we better face it to
lately we've created things to take us away and make us free
but in actuality it's all a hoax and fallacy
posted galleries of poses photo shopped
for hell to see i sold my soul for fortunes that I never held or felt or seen
call the paramedic down for this pair of medications that I took
methamphetamine & cocaine don'tt wanna ever go back down to earth
crowds of perpetrators enveloped in a cloud of dirt
life is irrelevant the reason death is hella worse
sin is crouching at the door
tell me will you let it in?
seven spirits coming back
worse than when they left back then
the war is not with flesh and blood
we battle in a different realm
our strength alone is not enough
how does the role of victim sound?
rely upon the grace of God
your work is insufficient
the payment is inadequate the savages are vicious
witness the depravity the fall of all humanity
Genesis chapter 3 the woman eve and Adam eats

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