Chill ( trapezoid productions)

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Ivos's Notes

Flow switches in last verse for those that don't enjoy a slow flow.
Listen to whole song please lol

Yo its yo boy ivos
Shout out trapezoid
for this sick instrumental
Idk it just puts me in a...
Verse 1
Chill vibe- bob that fitted side to side
Baby move your body close to mine
yeah grind Cz it's Your time to shine
everyone's eyes on you 95 tupacs prime
I'm on my grind to cause momma told me to,
gotta get mines do Wat you gotta do to survive
I'm hi all the time my spirits through the roof,
in my new bomber jacket 321 boom!
Dropping bombs like Vietnam vets,
I'm aiming for the best, spot
My mental Going in is gotta win nothing less,
dog test me you'll be screaming bloody murder,
wishing me away like you was Timmy turner,
the devil in disguise can u feel the inferna,
spit that heat lyrically burn ya, my turn ta, informa ya
No matter Wat you going through,
put your feet up-dust the dirt off- and have a drink or two
Loosing hope -just chill
Back to the rope -just chill
Can't hold the weight -just chill
Had Rough day - so tonight we ch ch
Verse 2
chill just like them arttic seals, the hype is real
Cool like digital planets killing men like cypress hill
U can call me the huntsman istalk n kill I'm fucking I'll
Throw on old cassettes tracks on Walkmans still
At ur show owning your fans like I bought them peal
Off in oldschool Deville, if u ain't talking deals
Then man keep it marching like (like) Sargent drills Bills bills bills, in the trash,
they can suck my- Eggplant,
with the 3 drop emoji- yeah fuck that,
it's the end of the month single mom don't stress, a couple more days you'll recieve them food stamps, tonight treat your self to the some wine kick back,
lack of funds gets us to the edge retrace your steps, work hard party harder and your life's set
Worrying don't make cash- only turns us to an insomniacs.... so
Chill out homie I my self am known to stress out flip out tell a bitch to get out.
No need for all that- you mad?- Just put your emotion on a track
Verse 3
Fuck racism that shit old news,
Santans racing Nation disputes
Lit the fuse All hell breaks loose
shits been fucked up nun to lose
Nun in the fridge off to work gotta eat
Girl wana fight fuck that gotta sleep
accept who u are-be the black sheep
relax have a seat be all u can be
always come back to your family tree
Go see places meet new faces
Be yo own boss tie your own laces
Find your beach with corona cases
Count down breathe back to the basics
Busy life style like fucking all day
once in awhile go in raw like the steaks
Fozen- Let it go the hood way

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