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money on my mind, but none in my pocket
work a 9-5, then all night i aint stoppin
preachin like a prophet
need it and i got it
undefeated like muhammed
gettin heated as a sauna
got me screaming like nirvana
never pausein like a comma
conceited as i wanna, cuz
if i sell it then u bought it
my bars be my product
my product my profit
my dick, bitch get off it
shit belong, you can't top it
I be dat...
new kid on the block
new whip on my mind
move when they tell me stop
i do this shit all the time
all the time, baby im workin over time
overtime im doing all the time
i keep it...
cool like a felons spot
soon imma sell some rhymes
june imma make it hot
imma do this shit all the time
all the time, baby im workin over time
overtime im doing all the time
if times money, then theres money to be made
making time like my business day paid by minute maid
crooked raps i bend em straight
squeeze em like lemonade
a renegade, y'all been afraid
i move, you fools assimilate
hit the stu, pick a day
make it new, fresh as yay
if im sellin who gon be the next fews dudes who gon to pay
my own recipe, like i be sellin weight
spent my energy, whats lefts for bae
first to the sack for that second aid
sex accolades like my dick section 8
but fuck it if she like beyonce, shit beyond j
a long wait, gave me a long face
far stretch, lebron james
droppin bombs, and setting laws call me shaw shanks
aww shucks, see me rappin and already know imma cau-cay
i wont dress it up like its cosplay
ill treat it like a lady pour that bitch some bombay
cuz im smoothe but my shit might hit ya in the wrong place
at a fuckin shit time,
im not a big guy
but ill let a fist fly
world star on a fish eye
rap beef, slim and that rick guy
bustin cannons, same ones that made nick cry
combo, thats left right
big mac with a big fry
broke going for a rich life
6 wives and that wrist ice
im long and my dick high
oh wait thats backwards. fuck it
I be that...

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