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Hit 'em up with this new shit
Reptyle on the mic and I'm gettin' fuckin' lit
White boy with a weird name tryna show up for the cypher
Brand new writer
So watch me ease in, breeze in, molotov
So it's hot on the track, Agent Romanoff
Trapezoid on the beat and it's takin' off
I'm takin' over the game, young Adolf
Call this dictatorship
I got that iron grip
Hold down these bars so hard
That it's about to rip
Show up in a damn spaceship
You know I wrote the script
2 fuckin' world wars and movement towards all my shit still getting skipped
So I'm here for real, time to show up
Props on my shit I'm 'bout to blow up
Reptyle is here, you better know what
Blow on the beat and I cover it in gold dust
On this shit, take a hit and I'm feelin' buzzed
The white house called me and I'm feelin' loved
Reptyle, not a shark but I'm smellin' blood
Down an alleyway and I'm waitin' to get fuckin' jumped
// Break
Let's go
In charge of a glorious nation
creation is education
waitin' at the destination
reputation station, that's
where I'm at, my location
in the land of eternal damnation
with comfortable accommodation
and it's pissin' me off
That means my reign's about to start
Reptyle is here to stay
so hit me up with a motherfuckin' bookmark
I'm takin this cypher
And the next one too
So everyone, just sit back and enjoy the view
It's my glorious kingdom, come stand by my side
Enjoy the fame, the sights and sounds and take it all in stride
Hold your head with pride
Just let it ride guys, just let it ride

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