Beast (Prod. By Trapezoid)

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some say the game might still change, some rappers might kill a beat bro
im on the rifle range, my mic skill stays elite though
im in beast mode i eat foes like a T Rex, massive rappin dinosaur
these mcs against me flex, be next killed in my rhymin war
so what they rhymin for, money diamonds whores
thats the wrong reasons so they no breathin, not achevin higher scores
what im wired for, is naturally rap you see,
these trashy rappers are candy rappers, a snack to me
and you cant clone me homie, these phonys try to duplicate my skill
my rhymes kill like 9s kill, leave you crucified killed suicidal
bruticized still, admit im ill or i will go belistic
i will make it i have not faded, im not another statistic
i cook you like bacon, you burn slow in an inferno over a stove sure
for my rhymes my lines, i know you have a boner
im rhymes owner they weren't stole sure, they all original
im native to creative, im aboriginal

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