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First time recording myself. Didn't have much time to record on this, so there's little
bits in places that aren't as tight as I like, but gives a pretty decent idea of how it
sounds in my head.
I see glimmer of hope, wherever I go,
A shimmer, no joke, I wanna follow,
The path, laid out in front of me,
This is just me, i'm not frontin see,
I'm not trying to give it the biggun,
I don't buy into that whole system,
Talking yourself up, empty words in spaces,
To fill the holes that are missing,
You spit bars, but don't ever truly undersand or listen,
I hear braggin, and dissin, and now i'm just wishin,
For a little more than this repetition
Feel i'm on a mission, to better, myself, everyday,
Take pride and time, in the words that I write and what I say,
Time after time, i'll scribble a line through my lines,
Searching for perfection, it eludes me, but man, i'm fucking trying,
And all the while i'm smiling, because if I wasn't sat here writing,
I'd be keeping it all locked inside my mind, and to me, that is hiding
From the very person I know, I was born to become,
If I swing and miss that's fine, just don't wanna hit and run
I wanna know when i'm done, that I had nothing else left to give,
Don't wanna exist and survive, I wanna thrive and truly live,
HOOK x 2
I wanna live, live, live a lot,
When I give, give, all that i've got,
Even if I miss, miss, take a shot
And I will go, go, till I stop
Stop, drop and roll,
Sometimes I find it hard to control, the doubts,
Leave me cold, feel i'm standing here alone,
Even though it is known, we're all in the same boat,
Sink or swim, at times the best I can do is float,
Keep my head above the water,
Because my patience is shorter,
Than what i'd like it to be,
And I fight to be free,
Of the thoughts holding me back, I try to cut me some slack,
Because they drag me, pin me down, monkey on my back,
Weight of the world on my shoulders, but as I get older,
Start to question the things, that I was once told, and,
I find answers, to the questions, to the demons i've been wrestling,
I start to know, more than I did before, i'm no longer guessing,
Not messing around, i've finally found, the silver lining to this cloud,
Do myself proud, do the best that I can, do what I want, fuck the plan,
Do anything in my power, to keep on keeping strong,
Because at the end of the day, life always goes on
HOOK x 2
I wanna live, live, live a lot,
When I give, give, all that i've got,
Even if I miss, miss, take a shot
And I will go, go, till I stop
All the words i've written, seem to be about myself,
Egotistically driven, when in fact all I wanna do is help,
You, out, because I know you've felt this way,
There's a beast within us, we all try to tame,
I know you know pain, and know loss and know gain, and know shame
And know that no one person is the same,
On this journey, we're all learning, and fighting against the strain,
Please understand and you to the words that i'm saying
HOOK x 2
You gotta live, live, live a lot,
When ya give, give, give, all that you've got,
Even if ya miss, miss, take a shot
And go, go, till ya stop

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