Side Effect(Prod.Trapzoid)

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Ask yourself and start praying cause now cause you are not coming back
Ill rip you apart Ex Exits now with a heart attack
No fucking around because I’m rapping until my lungs collapse
And after that i resurrect and haunt you fucking after death
Listen for the Side effects of my lyrics as i progress
Exitium is getting some of a dosage he might regret
Can i contend You grabbing iron well that was a tiny threat
Overkill was and Under thrill good is some that i detest
Personally I’m civilized until someone makes written lies
Standing up now i will defy allegations now i will deny
Im not gonna back out of this battle i have no will to die
Maybe ill drop a track and crack his ego here by tonight
Count your blessings no Mercy I’m someone that you must beware
Even Death calls me the reaper your diss shit i wasn’t scared
You are the deadweight you can’t escape your fait so just come prepared
Theres nothing there your unaware i don’t care get the fuck over here
My lyrics are the new pesticide taking Exitiums life tonight
I decide when its over I’m colder i take pride with mics
Get the yellow tape ill leave him here in an outline
Crime scene is my studio Yes I’m talking about mine
Im pretty hospitable critical spitting a syllable
Exitium just shit a whole pitiful verse like a tilt-a-whirl
Trapizoid made a beat for a cypher now its a battle boi
My Next cypher entry is a homicide but no prison hold
Your funnier than Lil D Flow worse than Lil B
Im the best if not than you better bet that i will Be
Theres nothing here that can kill me When your dead i won’t feel guilty
My minds abroad i know my way the flavor is so milky
You aint got the midas touch at best you just hold bronze
Your jaw gets wired shut your lyrics enter but get closed off
This has been the final cut underground shit so raw
This dude said id get body bagged but its him who’s getting rolled off
Theres no way Ima go away ill blow up like propane
You’ll have no fame you’ll go crazy ill have no shame
A Dead Ginger bitch you thought Look no i say no way
Exitium just came to donate his Showcase But he’s so late
Ill dominate you won’t find a way to accommodate to what i maintain
Any time of day and any kind of place Your blood has been the proper taste
I can see through you like Lingerie you have to look to see my accolade
Your no nightmare you are honestly more like a child version of The Shape
(Freestyle.And Outro)

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