Mystified (Prod. By Trapezoid)

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Hello it’s nice to welcome you into my fucked up mind
This is my shop where humans will do what they need do to design
These lucid walls that your seeing are structures built with rhyme,
but cave ins are constantly coming, cause they have decayed with time
It’s not a problem with logic, I got these fragments that pop in,
there only partially objects, and I cannot seem to stop it
so I’m not getting off it, but cautious, cause i feel nauseous
Cause if i’m not this pre-cautious
Then I awake, with these indications it’s fake
from these conversations I make, with the patients
who all seem great, so impatiently, while I wait
I’ll debate with them all bout fate in way
as if ima say all their allegations are way off
there’s way to many us laid off, while others are getting paid off
there’s more then one bernie madoff,
maybe its fucking made up, the problem is we all gave up
and gave in to all there crap, not saying that this is nothing
but nothing comes from this trap
so sick a hearing you talking but never seeing you act
these policies are corrupted, but we don’t even react
we’re watching uninterrupted, as everything is hijacked
i’m hoping we’ll be disrupted, but the goal is to distract
so call me the kamikaze cause, constantly copping coffee
has got me, dropping off sloppy, but moxie has got me softly,
pimp popping up on that frothy, pink posse, on that hot aussie
who’s made me into a zombie, maybe i’d suggest strongly
that you leave you need to go, i’m bout to blow, I’m bout to throw a fit
honestly i’m through with all this motherfucking stupid shit
Stupid bitch, the human is, what ruins this, influenced it, to go
and doom them all to shit

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