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This poliwag swag aint nothing to contest with
Skills finna overgrow im guessing that im chespin
messin with these trainers got em stressin
im the poke champion your an honorable mention
bitch this a lesson yeah im professor oak bitch
you got Amnesia like you done forgot who wrote this
some rap tag bars put me to sleep thats hypnosis
your punch lines don't hit seems like you need to focus
loading slugmas into shells into the shotti
with a mag in the car go fuck up the whole party
leave they heads spinning rapidly call me starmie
yall can't roll out on me because im rockin charti
keep it dumb theres a cause chance you miss the details (Dragon tail)
nurse joy got the hook up with the refills
i dont Nidoking im good with the females
My bars Ice cold man dont even need hail
I been runnin through the route without a care to be seen
and i intimidate these rappers like im landorus T
am I hip No well im still eatin your dreams
im blastin off again im team rocket with the schemes
I'm the beat him to the ground type
let that steel spray kling klang metal doesn't sound right
yo psyche gone be doomed when the hound bite
all these rappers like route 20 because i got em wound tight
STAB you dont wanna see me in my elemant
Im a don fans around the globe but i ain't no elephant
I got plenty more you bugs aint ready for this fire
i would highly recommend that you put me on the cypher

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