Drowning In My Blood (Prod. Trap...

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Drowning in my own blood, god damn,
I got my face down in the mud
(I spit it like a critic as if I really give a fuck)
I can feel the fire burning
I can feel the tires turning
My mind is racin sick of hesitation that requires learning
Acting on an enraged mind
Oh this has been such a strange time
For me to vent shit, but this the only way I'll ever get replenished
Is it because I ain't got the right genetic to go to fight and beat the limits?
Is it because I'm late by the single minute, so now my entire life's demented?
I don't have an answer or clue, so damn, so if my manner is rude
Don't come up to me, glaring and staring to demand an excuse
This is supposed to be the part when the song picks back up, when I sit back up
But just a quick blast struck to pull me back down, brisk fast rough
No words can explain me, much less rhymes, I guess I'm insanely
Built, because lately my psych is failin me and I feel more and more crazy and ill
You can praise me daily but I feel in a grave with all the daisies
On my coffin stopping me, exhaustion will come an embrace me
And say this is the end my friend, this is ur final moment
You're spines so broken, like your will, which this time is stolen
Drowning in my own blood, goddamn if I could have just grown tough
Or just grown up, already blown up, living and killing never getting shown up
Slow it back down for a second, alright I'm just checking
Whether it's the best impression to question my own goddamn weapon
It feels as if a bomb inside me has just been detonated
I rap just to let em hate it till the very day I become dead and wasted
I spit the flow in a reciprocal, causing blushed necks and reddened faces
I'll always be innovative if I keep sticking to a pad, pen and basics
I feel like a tight ball of stress, stalled and resting in a loose cannon
Want to make a splash, but with all the mess it's beyond what I could fathom
Ghosts follow me, blue phantoms, can't get rid of them so god damn them
I don't care who's standin in front of me, child or dictator that rules panem
I'll try to plow thru them, and weed out my problem before my hopes ruined
And rise high above them all, like the Clips when a basketball is thrown to em
I'll grab it like a habit and do it easily, shout out NWA and Eazy E
Stepping to the mic never leave the beat, telling us all who we each can be

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