Sell Our Souls (prod. Trapezoid)

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Everywhere we go, we
Sell our souls for dope we
Sell our souls to dope
Fuck I can't focus on anything everything been so depressing and
I am not looking for answers in places where nobody has any
I am not open to comment I'm a not video I am a person, with dreams and desires
To just be admired
Not be called a liar
It's dire but shit can just happen
Who the fuck would I be without this rapping
Now I got all these feeling that nagging
Now I got wings and you bet that I'm flapping
A fucking assassin
The best at this test it I'm heaven sent
Topics irrelevant
I could spit anything and it be better than
Hundreds of kids that just try to be better and
But they can't not ever, compete on this level
I'm sipping a fifth and I'm drinking my pleasure
Was into this shit as kid and it's clever
I sit on my ass and i write her a letter
Won't ever deliver
But that's for the better
i'm like rolling dope with no concern for for health or cost
i have never been the type of person to be anger nah
i just like to spit my feelings, when i'm higher than the ceiling
concealing everything inside my rhymes with dimes and nines,
i've lost my mind
i've lost my soul
I never sleep
I hit this bowl
and shit it's old
and shit i'm told
i won't grow old
if i don't slow
but i say no
and im rebellious
im impulsive but i'm zealous
i can feel mc get jealous
in the presence of a menace
what the fuck is it you want to just say to me
don't give me maybe
dont act like im crazy though i know i am
shit as of lately i'm feeling so bland
shit as of lately my heads in the sand
shit as of lately there's too many people who want to be friend
who see what i do with a pen and they wanna get in
but fuck all of them
constantly running and running but never finding any peace
so like please can you listen to me when I come up and speak
its my feeling on sleeves its my feelings on beats
and im feeling so heated
whenever im reaping like all that i sowed
in a room full of amateurs i am a pro
in a room full of emptiness i will just glow
will i ever make it i really don't know
this shit is bananas you tripping on this
my shit like a mammoth, a legend that doesn't exist
but you now that at one point it did
and way back when it did it was scary as shit
and now im online on some musical shit
looking all over for some place to spit
and then i had found it and i gave it a shot
trapezoid hope that you think this shit is hot

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