Blunts (Prod. By Trapezoid)

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One by one, I'm not even done.
This shit is just for fun, stay shinin' like the sun.
I just gotta fit the flow, you already know it's Pay to the Dough.
Got a lot a ammo, got a lot a pot bro, so don't get caught hoe.
Facing green like looking into a forest.
This shit ain't hooking to a chorus.
Undefeatable, Chuck Norris.
This my heart and soul, born into bliss.
Rip you to pieces, fuck your aunts uncles and nieces.
Jesus couldn't cheese this, your girl wants to please this.
Don't twist my words, just one third of a nerd.
A third a baller, and the last a shot caller.
I'm HD widescreen, you're just a lot smaller.
Staying clean like windex, I'm up next.
I project effects that may seem complex.
Peace and love to those that have past, I pay respects.
I don't expect much, I just connect and stay in touch.
Spending time praying and such.
I know God is listening, he's been visiting my dreams.
Telling me life ain't what it seems.
Expelling light, disintegrating regimes.
Why quit when you spit shit that's lit?
I tell em to try it and apply it if not, just be quiet.
My diet consists of beats, stay tough like athletes.
List of receipts I see more streets with the size of Hakim,
or even Wilt, this foundation is what I built.
I'm the creation of something great, it's no debate.
Checkmate when I fire straight

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