Carried away (pro. by trapezoid)

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I got carried away, with my bomber jacket/
People shot someone family, always pack-in/
Now i know how it feels, since i shot the rabbit/
I always thought it was wrong, judging saying faggot/
We not slaves anymore ,don't never call me maggot/
Now this world makes you paranoid, not part of my habits/
We act like someone cheated the world, kill them off the bracket/
We should walk away from haters, remain pack-in/
Getting stronger in life, always takes practice/
When you do wrong forever, hell in the world is what you havin/
You act and cry, next day it never happened/
Problems always comin in, sticking to you like a magnet/
Blood on the ground outside, someone sent it as a package/
You angry at yourself, neighbors concern is what's that racket/
Baby i promise to protect us, let me continue pack-in/
When this problem is over, tonight your booty is what i'm tap-pin
Yea (2x)
I got carried away(5x)

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