Dope Pro (by trapezoid)

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No matter who wins the cypher i had a a influence on the track

dope Pro //what could you possibly know //that I dont show//
The ghetto trap & rap slowly grow// hustlers tomorrow be more// then u ever know not long ago //became a dope pro
slangin rocky snow //from my window rackin in the dough// below zero cold heart spark ignite// let me go restart// imma dope pro dope pro //hoe swallow after you
blow disrupt my flow know// i throw you out dont doubt without any regard// sick my dog no bark your in my yard//
this is my job// im on clock punched in my time card// scarred for life cut deep sharper then a knife //ya retard didda that jus happen//
spin spun a spindle spit fireball //like im a dragon dope rappin cause imma//
dope pro dope pro how many do u know ho imma dope pro Dope pro I Imma dope pro dope pro welcome seldom
do they know i built momentum know slamin dope hurts yo and once you start never stop its like go go go go go and never slow
kdown to look around from the shadows run my town oh i frown at my first take a mistake to let you fucking listen but imma dope pro so all the dissin ends up missin
make it my mission love competition in a position even if non fiction at least you'll understand ambition addiction the literal definition of dope pro livin

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