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Ready to ship it so I'm casting off
With my jetpack strapped, so I'm blasting off
And these rat pack cats I'm blasting off
While they're jacking off, playing Lara Croft
You see I fancy a Jolie good time
Merry poppin' some pills that could rhyme
With CPC (PCP), or pleasantly (ecstasy),
Acetylene (amphetamine), so I'm presently
Faded as fuck with Lorena, she's chasing, with aims to cut my baby-maker,
I'm racing while tripping, I tripped on the length of my dick,
so I guess I could get with it, fuck it,
let slip the knife and the dogs of war, cuz
even with half a prick, Peter Piping pussies remains the simplest,
even with lisps I'll keep enticing interest,
suffering succotash, simply superb
with the raps that'll grasp the last straw that you have,
like I last said you're blasted, now that's it,
you're dismissed you drop out,
thinking you could take a pass on taking notes and still pass,
you're barely passable,
now kiss my ass crack
and hit the road, Jack,
walk the fast lane,
get destroyed, smashed.
Just you know that
When I'm over
Laughing, I'll scrape you up with a bulldozer.
Hook 2x
Smash you to pieces like Godzilla,
Making you question if God is a,
-live cuz what kind of God would a-
-llow this rapper to walk (a killa!)
Murder! Murder! That's all she wrote,
as he passed out bled out on the floor,
Last rhymes penned over with a warning note,
Anyone who'd ever want to go hunting for,
A reportedly ill minded individual, with two faces and two heads
Who escaped from prison, and then he will go get two chains, for two necks
Tie them to four angry animals, quartered, too late, they're too dead.
Stuffed in a four sided quadrilateral, with two bases and two legs
Michael Myers type, Exorcising my right to vile rights violating rites,
Hannibal was right, lambs keep screaming to me, I feel at night, needs to feel
Hush-hush now, he's right outside, if we keep it quiet we might survive.
In this forest cabin we'll be alright, but a chainsaw's revving, it's logging time!
Head to the basement, but there's no escape and no saviour
Great, efforts wasted as the door gets ripped up to shreds, dummy
Smiling face coming like: "Heeere's Johnny!"
Hook 2x
Rip you to pieces like Godzilla,
Making you question if God is a,
-live cuz what kind of God would a-
-llow this rapper to walk (a killa!)

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