Nacho vs The World (Cypher)

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my microphone my gavel cuz I'm layin' down the law
these other cats rappin' bout trappin' thinkin they are raw
runnin' from my name like they got a booty call
shootin' bars like John Wall passin' hands like Chris Paul
when the pen touch the paper, I turn into a beast
better bow take prayer, cuz you diss like you Meek
I'm goin' back to back margin to margin ragin' like I'm a spartan
you better turn over the mic cuz you playin' like James Harden
I'm bout to dominate the playin' field and no I don't bargain
your soldiers have fallen
your sovereign is callin'
better retreat cuz I'm ballin'
yo mister Charlemagne I'm askin' wheres the respect
rappin' from the Midwest and i have one simple request
stop playin' garbage on the radio the shit is a mess
I'm battlin' all of these pawns like a game of chess
but must I remind you I'm a king bestowed upon these bars that I commence
and its a hundred years war divided by two
burn the House of Valois down with the fire I produce
when my rhymes get spread across the nation like an epidemic
all these rappers gonna get suspended cuz they bars offensive
and no I'm not messin; they haven't learned all my lessons
I use all my senses to detect meaning in essence
I could never fuck your bitch cuz shes at the end of a sentence
and did I mention that I smoke Cubans at the reunion
call me Fidel Nacho bring it down like it's a conclusion
I'm gettin' all of this bread like I am at a communion
but sorry I'm not perfect i am a fallible human
and I'm cruisin' juicin' droppin' bombs like I am Harry Truman
gravitation keep the bars in motion like I am Isaac Newton
I'm flowin' and closin' and rippin' the gaps
you choking and growin' and countin' the stacks
I'm takin' and breakin' and eatin' the cake
you fakin' and shakin' and beatin' the snake
so stop and listen to what I have to say
I might be white but you still can relate
so wait and count all of my bars
the count is so high you will reach to the stars
so if y = mx + b then I'm constantly improvin'
put skill on the axis I'm not tryna be confusing
the rate of change of my lyrics over time is alluding
to the force of rhymes in an algebraic solution
so I keep goin' hard in the pad trackin' my progression
rappin' not my profession but rather a major obsession
it allows me to spark attention and make connections
the skeptics thought I couldn't make but that's entirely subjective
I'm breakin' new levels of intelligence
the MCs irrelevant
gettin' into my element
into my zone these lyrics go past your dome
my level unknown
I'm constantly on the roam
like Constantine on the throne
my destiny set in stone
I envision that I'll blow up like a drone
but I'ma keep on goin' hard until I reach the gravestone

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