Who's On First

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egg shell stepping, trying to search for chicken heritage
Which came first, the damn religion or the heretics
These rappers copy everything, apparently they parrots, shit
Polly wana crack pipe, this is how to be American
These playa's plagiarizing, take asylum up on pleasure island
From the rhyme scheme, to the cadence, timing, basic, just a waste of rhyming
They speaking in meme's, I'm living in a dream sequence it seems
Frequently fluctuating between different frequencies of scream
Like NO WAY THIS IS REAL, okay whats the deal?
They cooking genetically engineered food product on a broken grill
I grabbed a bottle, broke the seal, hoping to feel nothing
But all it did was show me how to feel, now I'm real hungry
Walkin on eggshells, poppin reds untill my head swells
There is a special bed in hell, forall the international bankers
I dont make words, I use words like tools to escape from this fake world
I gotta break away from the herd, all these sheep walking to a herst
I've got two words for you birds, Whose First
Who's on first, no one really seems to care
What's on second, kinda fishy over there
I dont know on third, so what's the word of the day
Why's out in left field, got me feeling strange
Because I'm in the center, I can see all the dementia
Tomorow's dealing pitches, to the preconcieved pretenders
Today is catching bate, like there is an oz of fate
And the short stop is I dont give a damn, lets set the record straight
Set the record straight, or I'll bend it til it brake
Sittin around, sippin amounts twitchin and gripn a pound
Lifted off wicked amounts, twistin and rippin emn round
Now I, hustle and work every day, livin this way
Trippin and tryn to escape,
I scream in my head when I'm laying in bed violently shake kinda awake
Let me get the check mate, consumed in the music my stress rate
Got me ready to levitate, level a building in just a second wait
let me set the record straight
This is my musical endevor, I take it to another level
An expression of my soul, you couldnt pentrate my whole
This is what I love to do
so it dont matter if its "cool"
But back to what I do I think its time for round two
N dot vs trump, bout to rip him and finish him up
Turd sandwhich, I' am not on your bandwith, you capital mutt
They gasn him up, he's laughin it up, He's trash in a suit
Let me ask you dude, Which faction are?
Is it the New world order ,Illuminati, or the zionist jews
Are you even in control, or does the devil have your soul fool?
I'll think I'll drop another flow too,
Trump is a bitch, got all the rednecks pumping there fist, badabadaba
They lovin it
This money hungry motherfucker doesnt exist, hes just a puppet at best
New president at worst,
does anyone else notice this whole thing sound rehearsed
This fool is from the evil covenant of greedy weasle republicrats
Basically a walking pile of shit whose got the but attatched
Who's on first Whats on second
Giant douche vs turd sandwhich
What another great election
Who's on first Whats on second
Giant douche vs turd sandwhich
What another great election

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