Spooky Freestyle

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Must be some demented child's figment,
Cause only dragon's breathe fire,
Got a groovy whooping cough,
Better speed-dial my prescriber,
Texas tea's what I desire,
Texas Trill my mind conspires,
To silence every internet liar,
I'm the real supplier,
The man your girl admires,
The sandman getting higher,
Until I learn to fly or,
OD for the third time and finally expire,
But these gospel verses are timeless,
Cause time is just a construct,
Like reality, race, and bad luck,
*wait wait, I'm getting ahead of myself here, lemme introduce myself*
Call me King of the Clouds Imma reckless,
Outlaw, Cocaine Cowboy straight outta Central Texas,
Might not be George Young,
But I eat right, bought a necklace,
And now it's time for me to build a team,
To chase the crown,
Made a checklist,
So I know who's down,
Ain't medicated can't hang with us,
Ain't affiliated you can't bang with us,
Ain't payed no dues can't slang with us,
East Waco's far too dangerous
For you to be you aint fooling me,
Talk shit about snitches but won't shoot with me,
Getting cute with me?
You might need a slew of surgeries
Storm-troopers tryna search me,
So I been living large and hard with no limits,
No-knock warrant at the crib any minute,
The pigs could kick in my front door,
Peep the scales and straps on the desk and the work on the floor,
Or ask what all the jolly ranchers are for,
So I try to ignore the sneaking suspicion,
That I shouldn't store so much faith and trust in my minions,
Cause back in high school when I was breaking all the rules,
And carrying a tool and acting a fool and shooting like pool,
Nobody wanted to ride or die or commit crimes with me,
And this year it seems like everyone I meet,
Is tryna get high with me, drive-by with me,
When the jakes come to lie with me or hide with me,
Fuck these fakes, Blue lives don't matter,
Criming while white my wheels be spinning,
Keeping it moving while I'm hotboxing, grinning,
My heart stops when I spot a Jake,
Blue lights flashing, K9s barking,
Fuck they think I'm moving weight,
Kicking my tires triple running my plates,
I ain't even sweating, I know that I'm straight,
I'd rather smoke shatter and do it all with my partner in crime,
Cause I know her heart's mine,
And she ain't afraid to do time,
If nobody dimes, everybody walks and we'll both be fine,
The only ones who have your back are your brothers standing beside you
to hold you up when you can't stand
Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand
even when the hand is a robbery plan a glock and a rental van,
The world is truly yours if you're willing to take it,

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