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My dreams are sort of like the beams of moon light in a prison cell,
reflection of the sun(son), I hope your vision's well,
the scales veiled on my eyes, the weight tipped and fell,
got a penny for your thoughts, this beat is a wishing well,
It all seems necessary, the story I'm singing is secondary to legendary
not for my names sake, dog, that's kinda scary
I remember times when nicks and dimes for my mind was commissary
I'm not of this world, but yet still a mortal human with scars to prove it with my heart in view thru these bars I'm spewing
Talking that beef thru your grill?? man, this aint barbecuing
I aint fighting flesh and blood homie
this is more than music
In the land that is destitute bringing restitution and those that have received grace are called for distribution,
I aint on the fence like the neighbor from home improvement
shout out to datin, this is the rise of a revolution
no cares to blow up from the underground like a landmine
already in air (heir) like Jordan jumping with hang time while throwing up gang signs ha
been transferred from dark to light but i stay with the sun (son)
You see the tanline?!
but i promise that yall dont want it like the sin i once loved got me sick to my stomach,
kick rocks? Well I'm punting the old habbits, it's death to the old man
theyre wondering why would he pull the plug
I'm swinging my sword straight up thru zion
go ahead and ring the sirens but don't be alarmed with the sleeping giant
they don't mean the violence to bring the silence
the word is eternal so this right here is timeless
mathematician in addition to your subtraction, your team gets divided up, you get blown into fractions
the flow and the passion is multiplied up by the madness,
study the world around you
this right here is science
instead of maker we worship His creation
any minute like a thief in the night, He can break in
Lord, my life is yours for the taking, because you give life and you take it
so i take advantage on every moment I grab the mic,
warn em' on pending doom coming soon with the afterlife
if I wanna live, then i have to die
hang me upside down, unworthy sacrifice!

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