D.J.A.D. Cypher Entry - Tell Me

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I guess I
I feel like I’ve been overshadowed by society
Riding on the nuts of lucky suckers with a banging beat
I feel the disrespect of artists using autotune
In every song they’re spitting on, all they be is ‘bout that dude?
I feel like Caitlyn Jenner waking up one day as Bruce
In other words I’m feeling like my fantasy was never true
I thought that Hip Hop was all bars and dope skills
But these days we replay those MCs who ain’t real
Ya’ll knock me sideways, my name ain’t Pisa
The tower I’ve been tryna build’s like Caesar
You’ve got me roaming (Roman) like a Trojan on your PC
This is MY Sparta, all of ya’ll can’t defeat me
I’m like Heracles, Hercules, Hercule
Her dad, hurting dudes, hurp a durp, what a fool
I’m sorry people, I’m afflicted with a curse
‘Cause I’ve been obsessed with “hers” since I put a rapper in a hearse
This is murderous, now observe
This the Making Of A Murderer, Steven Avery of words
I’m chewing dictionaries, puking vocabulary
This isn’t alphabet soup but legend-wait-dairy
Milking this chance like Kardashian fame
Cutting off these other artists like my name Kanye
Sorry, I’mma let you finish your rhymes
But your boy A.D.’s the dopest of all time
You ain’t got the answers huh? Well I’m the textbook
I’m blessed to be questioning ya’ll beyond your next hook
Your next song gon’ be catchier than last?
Better make it happen or your name fizzling fast homie
Step on gas homie, you got the bands homie
You like America just burning oil for cash homie
But listen close jabroni, I know that you’re a phony
So like Drizzy with these lyrics you don’t own me
You stupid nuisance confusing and duping students
Of music using your influence to ruin what we doing
Begone! This the big time playa
By not acknowledging presence that’s a big time saver
Like I caught a dropped watch, right on time
Like the time of this submission, man I’m right on rhymes
Like spellchecks and perfect grammar, right on minds
Like education for the youth writing lines
I could tell you how I feel but I'd rather show it
I'm the opposite of poker face, raw emotion
In an industry of unity ya’ll opponents
So whilst surrounded by jesters I'm the only poet
I keep myself going like inertia motion
Feeling boogie in my system, that’s that potion
Lean back ‘fore the squad terrorise your land
Like Genghis Khan, keep those ears open
Hear the thunder and hear the roar
It’s what your mind imagines might just be a dinosaur
Detect the pressure change, feel the heat
There’s no Miami in this playoff, I’m the state to beat
Call the fire marshall, ring the bell
Because the flames engulfing ya’ll is like the circle of Hell
On your knees, better pray, no bragging
You’ve been graced to be directly in the presence of a dragon

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