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Yeah, I'm going to give y'all a little piece that I just wrote
Check it out
Where is the suppression for my aggression
the pills for my depression
can somebody help me out?
because im sitting here just stressin'
over all of the little things
my silly imperfections
they say practice makes perfect
but I am not progressing
and i want to learn my lesson
but im running out of time
I'm wondering constantly
should I continue to rhyme
these feelings hurt to the core
all the way down to my enzyme
while i listen to Stevie Wonder
thinking of a paradise of my past time
and it feels as if im stopping
right before i hit my prime
and the feeling is not sweet but sour like a lime
enclosing my heart down within a slime
I'm having these battles inside of my mind,
Asking questions like,
Will i make it in my own?
It's a long shot
Will i forever be alone?
Stuck in one spot
Will anyone miss me when I'm gone?
Probably not,
Because my brain and heart are tied in a knot
And this hinders me from crying a lot
Thus causing me to show no emotion
But when I said I cared, I wasn't joking
But I guess it's too late to be broken
For now I'm living with no more pain, tears or hoping
I'm just coastin'
Yeah I said I'm coasting
No not pain tears or hoping, for real
It's too late for me to be broken
Let's go
Kamerads stand up!
That's right
My Kamerads
I'll say it again stand up baby, let's go!

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