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All Hail, sensei J's arrived,
how could I not be fly when I was made in the sky,
I was made in his likeness
but still I got my ways and I hang with the tyrants
I came from a place where the bears and the lions
will tear your ass limb from limb,
I treat the jungle like a jungle gym,
Ay real shit boy its nothin...
Im Jackie Chan boy I do my own stunts man,
balls deep when I Jump In,
now all these pretty bitches wanna spread they legs like the jump man
but fuck them, but still Im gone fuck them,
and I might get sucked off but I'm never getting sucked in
no not again keeping it moving like the michelin
how can i settle when theres so many fishes in..
this open sea chasing love so hopelessly,
and I guarantee all these bitches gonna notice me
J Krown, Basically, yal might as well gone head and cut the check
put that shit in my name, cause I got this shit sewed up....
Open your feeble mind,
see you gonna need a bunge cord if you gone delve into the depths of my deepest lines,
bitch i devour what I want and then I leave behind,
scraps for the weak, and take a nap under the tree of life,
see most you mother fuckers suck and really need a life,
I got this shit wrapped up now I just need a light,
Fuck it, I'll use the light from my torch,
or shoot flames out my ass cause I might just be the source of this hot shit,
while silly mother fuckers milly rocking,
or wearin all they clothes too tight like Dennis Robman,
I'll be swaggin on these beats diddy boppin,
I'm breaking down the box that they boxed me in like get up off me,
and I could give a fuck what it cost me,
I never compromised and I aint never takin loses,
bitch I'm wide awake and Im conscious,
aware of the nonsense, hidden in the fine print,

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