eLmo - Cypher Challenge #10

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rap pad dot co
two oh six
Hit um back -
I'm lone double oh - I'm talking seven -
I'm taking ladies straight to heaven
I got them wide open - lady
looking at me - let them see
about the way - she slur- pee
all up on the master - got um laced
copy - they paste - looking at the boy
when i come through - disgrace
close um like a cabinet
boy - riding up - man I'm causing traffic
see about L E D - all about brake lights
when you see about the boy - do it
sitting real large - in my car - biz mark
all about me - let them know
resources not low when you
see E EL EM OH - I be
got them laced - trying to catch directions
while i let them out - looking at the boy
north west - two oh six - I be blessed
looking at me go - riding up
in that sunset - be official
Sit um out - no bungee - they Halo - i come through Slayer -
lady - she not playing she see me later
about me - man - im no team player - you be know
about me - refresh her like a homepage
riding through - in this sleigh
coming up in cars - lemonade
pour it out - lady look - she like a star
hit um slow - what they see me riding low
I be - E EL EM OH - OH - OH
Hit um laced - see about that rap pad
dot co - we got the hip hop -
dont stop - Rhythm got um laced cold
hear about production
coming through live through the soul

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