Old Wayz

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Misery, difficulty, doom and gloom are visibly,
Ostensibly dementing me, and I never meant to be
The enemy friended me, at the turning of this century,
Technology is robbing me, of everything I want to be
Dreams are dead and in my head there's a list of books I never read
Words I never said, because I sped through this life
To the grave a slave the walking dead, don't play the game
Instead they focus on the winning of the bread,
Brain starved and mouth fed,
My bank is full my, my heart is not
My body starts to fall apart,
Try to restart, but I do not know CPR,
Waiting for the crash cart, I get sleepier,
World get's creepier, picture fades to sepia
I once thought I knew the taste of success,
But now my tears are bitter and mixed with regret,
As they roll down my face I can feel the disgrace,
I guess I gotta embrace the pace of the human race
When I chase my tail without a hint of grace,
I leave the trace of a snail, that came in last place
No medal, no podium, no trophy, no winnings,
No point, no fun, no contest, no living
No giving just taking, smile you are faking
Cos the money you're making, don't even touch what they rake in
I hear you say, who are they, well young squire,
They're the ones who wouldn't piss on you, if you were on fire
Grass is green, green with desire,
And you aspire for the green as a means to retire,
From your job, from your life, pull the back out your knife
Have 2.5 kids and find yourself a nice wife,
The meaning of life is just eat, shit and die
Early bird get's the worm, but never learns how to fly,
People say get rich, or die trying,
Instead try living and then you'll start flying
Instead of crying and weeping, about how much you're not sleeping
Insomnia? There's nothing wrong with ya
This world is just a mess and this stress I must confess
Is making me second guess, if I can ever be more than less
Than half of the person I used to want to be,
I find myself wanting to choose responsibly
In response to the plea my parents made to me
To live in the real world, cos nothing comes for free
The cost of freedom, we'll never be from from,
There's a price on your life when your makers you meet them
You pay everyday in the hours that you spend
Doing something you don't love as a means to an end
And the end rolls round much quicker than you think
If you don't stop once in a while, it's gone in the blink
Of an eye in an instant, no time for goodbye,
No future in the distant, you ask yourself why,
You spent so much time in your head, cosied up with regret,
Worried about debt, breaking in to a cold sweat,
This material shit, is immaterial,
Fuck the pounds and the penny's, I swear i've seen it all
From ashes to ashes and dust to dust,
The difference between true love and just lust,
It means nothing, just words in my head,
Cos one of these days, we'll all be dead

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