Good Today

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see me down the street feeling real fresh
got a hop in my step, so alive, no near death
way above the clouds, lear jet
shit banging loud, but i smoke weed less
id even smile right now if I got g checked
tonight I'm cutting out the bullshit, like a c-sec
I'm in my fuckin' zone, Johnny Depp in a v-neck
babe lemme be direct,
I'm tryna bang, onomatopoeia
I see ya, back of the club
backin' it up
who knew a year later i'd need ya
and you'd be packin' it up
for all that passion and love
it started as a fashionable fuck
went from smashin' to only needin' a splash in your cup
to find me attractive enough
now we sober laughin' and being graphic as fuck
you know i love that fat ass, and i'm someone you can trust
life's fantastic, still a youngin' but baby i'm mannin' up
and i'm feeling real good today
got my drink on, but baby know i'm still thinkin' straight
got a splash of gin in my lemonade
and i'm bout to roll up, baby why don't you just sit and stay
cuz i'm feeling real good today
I'm feelin' real good today
take a seat baby,
why don't you just sit and say
pour up a drink maybe
pop a bottle lets split it babe
1 for the honeys, now 2 for the boys
been a tight group for a minute, yeah id shoot for the boys
i love my squad, like IAMSU's newest noise
used to say fuck police, do what you do for the boys
gotta couple free rides with em to the police station
try me, piggy, you know we need bacon
cuz we didn't give a fuck
no not one shit
tell me to slow down the truck
no, not one bit
itchin' to pop that molly
like you tryna pop that zit
not teenagers no more
but I'm still workin' to cop that whip
freestyle in the car, yeah I rock that shit
get on a beat motherfucka and imma drop that diss
started rappin' young, my life's a plot that twist
I white rap, but its like I'm black cause I gotta cock that's big
i spit better every time, with every rhyme, never lost that shit
and everyone i sees a soft ass bitch
just talkin' laws of average

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