Greener Pastures

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Young Native:
Here we go, kicking a flow so effortless
Not a rapper by nature, but I’m gonna test this
What happened to the days of spitting something so real
Vibin' to the beats with ease, no need for mass appeal
Still in College, droppin' knowledge in the time allotted
If I’m not modest, its not cuz I’m a starving artist
Just a verbal assassin, my passions adamant
So call me iron man
And I’ve been flowing since my conception
Listen to the message
I’m like Leo on the track I blow your mind with inception
My rap career little, rap Lincoln call me continental
Fresh out the pan and into the fire
With these other superficial liars in this cypher
There's no denying that I’m going energizer
Bunny, yea this shit is funny,
Cuz I’m just a young native turned rap junky
I'm runnin' circles round this track in my fire chariot call me Eric Lidell
My flow epidermis, while you proletariat
Rap so underground youda though that I was Harriet
Evil Knievel with my lyrical feats
Vegetarian performer cuz im feeding on beats
Boom shake the room like we were playing yahtzee
Knock em out with my killer bars call me rocky kamikaze
Rap today is weak, and nobody is finna flex
GooNQuad Mob cuz we represent the malcontent
Whats the problem these days?
Tryna elevate the game
But no movement is made
Came to rearrange mind states
And resurrect the flame
Of course we torching the artists forming
Horrible recordin's, accordingly
Cuz they boring me
Thought wed rhyme a little
Spitting bars in our dormitory
Wild young rebels, yea we finesse
Somebody call Khaled, cuz "We Tha Best"
I attest, that we rap ayatollah
Never coasting
Collegiate entertainers, startin' a new motion
OG Sween:
The state of rap today is nothing short of a disaster
But GooNQuad’s here to bring the game to greener pastures
OG Sween, Young Native, the resurgence
Had to spit some bars cuz rap today is worthless
Young Native:
You’re getting schooled by the white boys in college
But someone had to interject and give the game some knowledge
Nas wasn’t wrong when he said hip hop is dead
Now GooNQuad’s here to put this weak phase to bed

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