Speed Demon

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341 Words in a minute
408 syllables

Awfully beautiful, better run cuz I'm cutting heads like broccoli
Ain't no stopping me, sinning every second, spittin fuckin venom
And I put it all up in yo face
Lyrical odyssey, killing is the policy
Wanna be bad anomaly
I believe I'm the rap prodigy
Probably but honestly there's a lotta paucity of sense
Going federal with this muhfuckin raps
I'm probably better than all you veterans
Slaughtering the beat flawlessly, I'm the king
Fuck you! Now just lemme breathe
Never taste defeat, crazily rhyming
Can't escape this beast
I'm a cyclone when you a gentle breeze
Great indeed and the fuckin next best to be
Do whatever you wanna do but you cant compete
I'm the Christ of the rap game, they love me
Want me on their shit but hey can't come Pete
Y'all better face the truth
Hungry for more, impatient, I'm patient
Spittin all day long, no nursing this illness
I'm so sick fuckin doctor say I can even outpatient you
Aim and shoot at your ass if you high side
And ignore the skills, I'mma skin you like a fuckin orange pill
No one iller than me fucker nobody really compares
Zoanthropy, cuz I turn into a beast
When I hit the mic booth, R I P, let the rhymes lose
Send em at you at the speed of a bullet
So you muhfuckers better be scared
No stopping, cuz I really gotta be the best
Spittin fire, blow up the place and keep shittin on the paper, hit you with a lotta punches
And you better know that I'm not wearing my boxing gloves
Lock and load the pen, scribble on the pad
And hit you with the raps, so venomous they call me Satan, nice chemistry with the pen
That's how I spit all the fuckin toxic flows
I don't wanna be called god, cuz I'm a hell of a mc
Nobody can get up against me
An evil behemoth, better sit your ass down when I hit the spot
I'm the speed demon
That was it, now you can suck these nuts

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