Kings and Queens

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I'm like king on a throne
bitches sing when they see me in the highest zone
and home made out gold
I made it all on my own
without having my soul sold
now I get the honour of wearing a crown
no more do I feel down or wearing a frown
because I fucking run couples the cities
for these enemies please go down on your knees
got to reach out your hand for mass appeal
your words have to cut hearts
the edge of a samurai sword steel
your men pledge their souls and hearts
treat you like royalty, refer you as lord
and loyalty is the only thing you need
when your enemies think they'll succeed
good men do nothing but sweat and bleed
never yield nigger grab a shield
we're going to heaven where angels sore
drop the pen and pick up sword
cause we're going to war
stand back the Kings and Queens are coming through x2
stand back , stand back
stand back
now anybody can be king
depends on shit you bring
to make you famous
could be loved or absolutely heinous
like some kind of two faced bitch
even the kids who were raised rich
are slaves to their greed
theirs chains are Rolexes,
doing dirty shit to succeed
or their minds stuck in locked boxes
and finds it hard to proceed
good thing that any peasant
can king as long as they show bling
and when you win you feel pleasant
cause the only air I wanna breathe
is the smell of a millionaire when I achieve
seeing through my phone lenz
how a mere sixteen bars
can make you reach the stars
and make you drive fancy benz
hard work is the road for every king

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