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Verse 1
Don't know if the shit is worth it
Tryna make it picture perfect
When I'm lividly bursting in rage when critics heard it
Going over it twice, hope to be nice, my grip on my wish
It disturbed me, to find a whole other sight
I just hope to be in a zone
When it just feels so home
Even if the emotions grown
To cause commotions I'll roam
Across the streets no one is stopping me at a single moment
No windows open to welcome me, a simple token
Of rejection, my grin has broken into many pieces Jesus
Do I leave it and let the amicus go and teach us
That we're failures of life, words impale us like knives
If you make a mistake it's too grave for a savior to right
It's a system and mission to coerce us to conformity
Standards created to hurt us like we're born to be
Living in perfection of your eyes, even if I have to try
And put on a disguise to walk in the path of life
Verse 2
It's like you stole my soul and just locked it away
Hammered it, broke a hole and then dropped it in hay
Grab a lighter start a fire to go and burn it to ashes
Think you'll stop me this way, that I'm earnest and passive
I've earned it to have it, but you use your permit to bash it
Blemishing my feats like epidermis in rashes
I'm learning the habit through a surplus of practice
Filling my empty soul with warmth, like furnace and matches
So when I lay back and think way back on my terminal mattress
I wouldn't say it was for nothing, worthless and dramatic
I feel like a blinded man, out searching for thoughts (thots)
No pun intended, just replacing the thirst I forgot
May never get anywhere, but at least got an escape
But hell, I need an escape from the escape, wait,
Is that a small ray of hope? Nah, it's just deceptive
Want out of this, but know I'll alway come back to this wreckage
Verse 3
I'm sick of noticing shit and dwelling on hate
Sick of having my head in my hands with hell in my face
Telling me straight that nothing has ever fell into place
That I accomplished nothing, there's no greatness to make
Sick of people coming up to me acting deceitful
Telling me who I should be, and I'm not their equal
Sick of putting everything in my art and getting laughed at
Sick of seeing haters necks and not being able to snap that
Sick of depression in my veins when I spit this verse
I wanna rip this earth apart with my gifted curse
If this is it for me, I don't see myself turning back anymore
I won't open any doors, nor will I again rip a beat
Sick of recording the same rhymes nine thousand times
Searching for the perfection that I was out to find
Key word, was, I feel I'm about to erupt
Fuck ur standards, this is one take, grab a mic and bust
Yo, aright. It's like, you lost everything, to fit in a standard,
giving up ur spirit, ur soul, it's not worth it,
not worth it to make it picture perfect

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